History Of The Department Of International Economy

The origins of the Department of International Economics date back to 1958, when a group was formed as part of the Department of Technical Operation of Aircraft under the direction of Associate Professor Alexander Matvienko, the only veteran at the time of the Candidate of Economic Sciences, an Air Fleet veteran. This group taught all disciplines of the organizational and economic cycle in the operation of aviation enterprises. The economic group discussed above was referred to the Department of Marxism-Leninism.
This group included: N.E. Nersesova, A.I. Zamedyanskaya AI, VA Kulik and some Aeroflot enterprise practitioners. During the same period, GB Matveenko and AM Andriychuk began working at the department.
The economic group discussed above was transferred to the Department of Marxism-Leninism and worked under Professor Kornienko. In 1965, the Department of Marxism-Leninism was divided into two - Marxism-Leninism and Political Economy and Economics of Civil Aviation.
In the future, together with the formation of the Faculty of Engineering and Economics, the Department of Logistics Supply at the CA was formed on the basis of the Chair of Civil Aviation Economics. From the very beginning of its existence, the Department of Economics conducted economic courses at all technical faculties.
The main area of ​​scientific activity was the improvement of planning in civil aviation, the development of methodological provisions for calculating the cost of production in aviation transport, the development of a generic indicator of economic efficiency of production.
The Department of Economics was founded in 1965 as the Department of Production Organization. Later it became known as the Department of Economics of Civil Aviation (1971), the Department of Economics (2001). It was headed by the senior teacher O. Obozny (1965 - 1971), Professor G. Dibrova (1971 - 1984), Professor V. Koba (1984 - 1989), Professor Y. Kulaev (1989 - 2000), Honored Economist of Ukraine, Professor V. Nutcrackers (2000-2011).
The Department of International Economics was founded in 2006, headed by Professor O. Lozhachevsk, Doctor of Economics. Subsequently, the department was reorganized several times.
Since 01.04.2019 the department is headed by the candidate of economic sciences, associate professor S.G. Mizyuk.
The Department of International Economics is a graduation in Specialty 051 "Economics" Educational and Professional Program "International Economics" and provides training for the Degrees: "Bachelor", "Master" in full-time and correspondence form of study.
The sphere of scientific interests of the department staff is the development of modern international economy, forms of manifestation of processes of globalization, problems of integration of economy of Ukraine into the world economy and influence of these processes on the development of aviation industry.

The Department of International Economics together with the Institute of Postgraduate Studies of NAU provides the second higher education (diploma of state sample on retraining) in the specialty "International Economics" (more questions This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)