Scientific Works Of Marketing Department

The scientific work of the department is an integral part of the educational process. Working on theses, scientific articles, preparing for the conference, teachers increase their scientific potential, improve their knowledge, increase the level of teaching skills, master the newest interactive technologies of teaching special disciplines, which gives a more clear and practical way.

The department conducts considerable work on education of future specialists, development of students' spiritual and moral qualities, confidence in the future. The peculiarities of the activity of the department are first and foremost in the research work.

The Department of Marketing carries out scientific work in the following main areas:

- Execution of state budget research works: "Theoretical and methodological bases of development of marketing of territories in the conditions of decentralization of management" (№ 24 / 11.01.03, 2017–2019);

- preparation of PhD and doctoral dissertations for postgraduate students and researchers of the department;

- publication of monographs and scientific articles, textbooks and manuals;

- participation of the teachers of the department in international, all-Ukrainian and inter-university conferences;

- scientific cooperation with leading enterprises and budgetary institutions;

- participation in international seminars and internships of teachers of the department in leading educational institutions;

- involvement of gifted student youth in scientific work: publication of students in scientific collections (articles),

participation of students in competitions, competitions, cases, etc.
- The department is responsible for the professional scientific publication "Problems of the systematic approach in economics" (editor-in-chief - Prof. S. Smerichevsky, published 4 times a year).