1. The business intelligence models and methods in the aims of managing economic systems.


Bohomolenko A.V., Ponomarenko I.V. Use of artificial intelligence to optimize the company's marketing activities

Bragin A. Analysis of business risks in the process of information support of economic security of agricultural enterprises

Dubas R.G. Prospects for introduction of digital technologies in business

Edyta Ropuszyńska-Surma The concept of sustainable business model of virtual power plant

Geseleva N.V., Ripa T.M. Trends in the development of cryptocurrencies

Gustera O. Industry 4.0. and it’s impact on modern business

Hordei O., Voronkova O., Patsai B. Formation of a client’s social profile using big data

Ivanchenko N. O., Yurchenko V. V. The impact of the covid-19 pandemic on world air transportation

Ivanova A., Radchenko H. The digital disruption of insurance industry

Kostynets I. The structure and the environment of the digital economy

Koverha S. Indicators and effects from digitalization of Ukraine's economy

Krasko V., Yurovytska O. M. The most important it trends in the economy in 2020-2021

Krysak J., Babich M.O. Current state of development of the digital economy in Ukraine

Kryvoruchko О., Pavlova M. Digital transformation of aviation industry

Leshchinsky O.L., Kalinichenko A.V. Global trends of digital transformation of business in the economy

Oleshko T., Voloshchuk D. Innovative business - models as  key factor for successful conduct of business in XXI century

Piletska S., Tkachenko Y. Financial potential of implementation of investment activity

Rohoza М.Y., Perebyinis V.І., Kuzmenko О.K. Theoretical and methodological tools for determination of dominant threats in information and analytical support of economic security

Sher-Mern Mak, Iryna Heiets Analysis of the main fsncs in the Asia-Pacific region as opposed to the emerging growth of the middle east FSNCs

Trotsyuk K., Gustera O. Functioning of the aviation industry in the context of a pandemic



  1. Applied business intelligence and digital technology solutions in a business environment.


Ablamska V. M., Atamanyk O. V. Computer dooring systems for fir transportation

Gustera O., Araslanova O. Methodological fundamentals of investment portfolio formation

Hryhorak M. Yu., Semeriahina M. M. Decision-making on the logistics outsourcing level under uncertainty

Ivanchenko N., Borysenko Y. Competitive advantages of insurance companies using blockchane technology

Kasianova N. Blockchain in the system of information security of the enterprise

Kravchenko V.M., Nestiuk M. Business analysis planning of the enterprise in the contract of strategic management

Kvashuk D. M., Kushnirova K. S. Analysis of cryptocurrency development in Ukraine

Kvashuk D., Pulin A. Development of a patrol monitoring and service system for the protected objects

Kvita G., Shikovets C. Business analysis of the labor market of Ukraine

Lubkovska O.A. Using data science technologies for healthcare

Luhynia R., Tkachenko V. Use of economic-mathematical methods and models in the management decision-making process

Oleshko T., Osypova Y. Risk management in the airlines

Oleshko Т., Popyk N. Investment decision made by venture investor

Palamarchuk Yu. A., Shevchenko I. V. Economic and mathematical approach to analyzing the choice of a competitive airline

Podskrebko A.S., Paranich A.G. Modern technologies big date as a strategy prospective business development

Ponomarenko I.V. Features of using data science in the game industry

Shliaha O. V., Reznichenko Yu. S., Levytskyi S. I. Trends and prospects of the development of the world market of information technologies

Synenko О., Mykolaienko M. Development of business analysis functionality in electronic document systems

Tsymbal O.H., Ponomarenko I.V. Modeling of enterprise functioning processes

Zasanskaya Svetlana, Yarotskyi Stanislav Modern information technologies in expertise

Zherlitsyn D. Contemporary trends and applied decisions for the creation of managerial information

Zosimovych N., Mazur V. Use of artificial intelligence by business of different countries

Жерліцин Д. М. Сучасні тенденції та прикладні рішення щодо створення управлінської інформації


  1. Business trends: digital technologies in marketing.


Borysenko O. Digital technologies in marketing activity

Bytyk B. Use of the website in the company's marketing strategy

Fedorchenko A.V. The influence of covid-19 on the development of digital marketing

Fisun J. Essence social media marketing

Ivanchenko N.O., Movchan V. Digital trends and technologies in marketing

Khaidarova T.M., Sabirova I.M. Modern digital marketing tools

Kostynets V. Instagram features as a digital marketing tool in tourism

Kovtun K., Radchenko H. The relevance of the application of artificial intelligence in marketing

Kupalova A.I. Digital marketing in Ukraine

Myronov Yu.B. Tourist services promotion: modern marketing approach

Popyk N., Makodzeba D. Modern digital marketing as an innovative tool

Radchenko О. Modern digital marketing features

Siabro M. Optimization of business activities through the use of digital marketing

Tkhoruk Yu. S., Bilovodska O.A. A Strategy to narrow the niche for promotion on social networks

Uhnivenko D. Start-up marketing strategy

Vinnikova I.I. Multisensory branding as an effective tool of communication with the target audience

Zbarzhyvetska V.B., Bilovodska O.A. The role of social networks for promotion on the internet